White Label

IC-FX’s White Label Program allows the partners to offer online trading via one-stop integrated solution. The technology provides an opportunity to generate revenues for the partners through trading commissions. The White Label Program has no direct implementation costs and comes with full back office support. IC-FX guides the partner through the sales, marketing, IT components, enabling the business to be launched successfully. Furthermore, the partner has no direct maintenance expenses related to any aspect of the technology. IC-FX’s goal is to provide our partners with unique and tailor-made solutions to meet their business demands, providing their clients value-added solutions. The complete implementation of a standard White Label Program takes up to 3 weeks, from application to launch. As a leader in the Forex industry, IC-FX offers its partners the benefit of enjoying its world brand name and reputation. Our co-branded solution allows the partner to offer brand identity.

Back Office

  • Competitive Revenues sharing models
  • You assume no market risk
  • Fair and Transparent trading
  • Single data feed for every and each of your clients
  • No fee and execution manipulations
  • Low latency execution
  • Tightest spreads
  • No direct implementation cost
  • Up and running in no time
  • Customizable back office
  • Partnering Facilities – Catering to Asset Managers

Benefits and Associated Services

  • Monitoring functionalities in real time
  • Reports
  • Confidentiality of client data
  • Complete access to management tools
  • Credit / Debit operations
  • Full account creation options
  • Collateral account management
  • Commission map creation
  • Management of introducing agents, external managers and client profiles