About Us


Our ultimate goal is to provide investors with confidence in dynamic transactions through our products. In a good environment Receive excellent service along with modern technology.


Our company has experts and first-class technology used in trading with the world.


The company has a modern operating system. With cloud computing, resulting in faster data transfers


Leading technology combined with outstanding customer service To allow customers to experience the premium level


IC-FX was established by industry experts with many years of broad and hands-on experience in the financial markets. We believe the best way to thrive is by creating a win-win situation where our superior technology and support allows clients to stay profitable in the long run.Our mission is to provide the best services and creative solutions to our clients and help them grow together in this fast paced global financial market.

On the trading end, IC-FX has partnered with FXone Zero as a primary fin-tech provider and CFH Clearing as trading and clearing avenue. These top-of-the-line technology partnership allows IC-FX to separate itself from our competitors. Trades are executed in Nano-second bitrates, all tickets auditable by true native FIX protocol, slippage is almost eliminated, and giving tightest possible real banking grade spreads. This happens while our competitors still remain in the realms of millisecond execution, non-auditable fake internal dealer tickets, and wide slippage during news events, and poor spreads.

On the client support end, IC-FX promises to provide an optimal trading environment with a stable system for every trade and to provide our clients with the best possible assistance. Our friendly and knowledgeable client support are fully trained to providing the greatest possible assistance to both novice and professionals alike.For the safety of our clients’ funds, IC-FX chooses only tier 1 banks as our custodial account.

We keep our clients’ funds safe by adhering to Client Money Rules and we are open to receive complaints at any time. We believe that is an essential element for our business and the company to grow.

Our overall vision is to be the best global FX Company. We aim to achieve this by providing the highest standards of customer service and ensuring that our clients are treated fairly. ICFX will be your trustworthy global partner in the forex market.